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Articles, Reviews and Chapters


  • Carnie, Andrew (forthcoming) Formal Syntax. In Routledge Companion to English Studies 2nd Edition. Routledge




  • Carnie, Andrew (2023) Event report: NFO Folk Chat on Hybrid events. National Folk Organization News, May 2023. Pp 5


  • Zupon, Andrew, Andrew Carnie, Michael Hammond & Mihai Surdeanu. 2022. Automatic correction of syntactic dependency annotation differences. In Proceedings of the language resources and evaluation conference. 7106–7112. Marseille, France: European Language Resources Association. https: //


  • Carnie, Andrew and Sylvia Schreiner (2020) Restricted and Reversed Aspectual Contrasts. In Daniel Currie Hall and Bronwyn Bjorkman (eds.) Contrasts and Representations in Syntax. Oxford University Press. download

  • Hammond, M., Bell, E., Anderson, S., Webb-Davies, P., Ohala, D., Carnie, A., & Brooks, H. (2020). Category-specific effects in Welsh mutation. Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics, 5(1), 1. DOI:



  • Clayton, Ian, Colleen Patton, Andrew Carnie, Michael Hammond , Muriel Fisher (2018) Developing an Audiovisual Corpus of Scottish Gaelic.  Language Documentation and Conservation 12:481-513.

  • Meyer, Joshua, Nick Kloehn, Andrew Carnie, Muriel Fisher, Michael Hammond, Diana Archangeli, Natasha Warner. (2018) The Field is not the Lab, and the Lab is not the Field: Experimental and Community-based linguistics with Gaelic Speakers on Skye. In Shannon Bischoff and Carmen Jany (eds) Insights from Practices in Community Based Linguistics, DeGruyter Press. Pp 296-313. Download

  • Sung, J-H., Archangeli, D., Johnston, S., Clayton, I., Fisher, M., Hammond, M., & Carnie, A. 2018. Individual variation in lexical palatalization: Articulatory evidence from Scottish Gaelic. Eoneohag [언어학], 80, 23-51.  DOI : 10.17290/jlsk.2018..80.23 Download



  • Carnie, Andrew (2017) Sluicing and Pied Piping in Scottish Gaelic. In Halpert, Kotek and van Urk (eds). A Pesky Set: Papers for David Pesetsky  MITWPL. 31-36. Download prepublication version.

  • Hammond, Michael Yan Chen, Elise Bell, Andrew Carnie, Diana Archangeli, Adam Ussishkin, Muriel Fisher (2017) Phonological restrictions on lenition in Scottish Gaelic.  Language 93.2: 446-472. DOI:

  • Ussishkin, A., Warner, N., Clayton, I., Brenner, D., Carnie, A., Hammond, M., & Fisher, M. (2017). Lexical representation and processing of word-initial morphological alternations: Scottish Gaelic mutation. Laboratory Phonology: Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology, 8(1), 8. DOI:



  • Carnie, Andrew (2016) Review of Aiden Doyle (2015) The History of the Irish Language. Linguist List

  • Schreiner, Sylvia and Andrew Carnie (2016) The Syntax and Semantics of Scottish Gaelic a' dol a. Journal of Celtic Linguistics 17: 1-30. Download



  • Warner, Natasha, Brenner, Dan, Schertz, Jessamyn, Carnie, Andrew, Fisher, Muriel, and Hammond, Michael. (2015). The aerodynamic puzzle of nasalized fricatives:  Aerodynamic and perceptual evidence from Scottish Gaelic.  Laboratory Phonology 2015: 1-44.


  • Archangeli, Diana, Sam Johnston, Jae-Hyun Sung, Muriel Fisher, Michael Hammond, and Andrew Carnie (2014) Articulation and neutralization: a preliminary study of lenition in Scottish Gaelic. Proceedings of Interspeech 2014, 1683-1687.

  • Biezma, Maria, Dan Siddiqi, and Andrew Carnie (2014) On Counterfactuality in non-standard Subjective conditional.  Proceedings of NELS43.1:25-36. download

  • Carnie, Andrew (2014) Formal Syntax. In Routledge Companion to English Studies. Routledge. 229-241. Download

  • Carnie, Andrew (2014) Review of Lisa Lia-Shen Chang and Norbert Corver (2013) Diagnosing Syntax. Journal of Linguistics 50.3: 725-730. DOI:

  • Hammond, Michael, Andréa Davis, Natasha Warner, Andrew Carnie, Diana Archangeli, Muriel Fisher (2014) Vowel Insertion in Scottish Gaelic. Phonology 31: 123-153.



  • Carnie, Andrew (2013) Word-Level Phonological Conditions on Linearization. In Catrin Rhys, Pavel Iosad and Alison Henry (eds.) Microvariation, Minority Languages, Minimalism and Meaning: Proceedings of the Irish Network in Formal Linguistics. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 91-100. Download.

  • Warner, Natasha, Iain Clayton, Andrew Carnie, Muriel Fisher, Dan Brenner, Michael Hammond, Diana Archangeli and Adam Ussishkin Perception of Scottish Gaelic alternating (leniting) consonants. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 134 (4070)., download poster





  • Archangeli, Diana, Jeff Berry, Andrew Carnie, Nicole Hunt, Sunjing Ji, and Keisha Josephs  (2011) “ATR in Scottish Gaelic Tense Sonorants: A preliminary report” In Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics. Cambridge Scholar’s Press. pp. 283-306. Download

  • Brenner, Dan, Andréa Davis, Natasha Warner, Andrew Carnie, Muriel Fisher, Jessamyn Schertz, Michael Hammond and Diana Archangeli (2011). Can you say [ṽ] or [x̃]. Aerodynamics of Nasalized Fricatives in Scottish Gaelic. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 130(4): 2550., download poster

  • Carnie, Andrew (2011) book note on Luis López (2008) A derivational Syntax for information Structure. eLanguage 1640.

  • Carnie, Andrew (2011) Irish Mixed Categories. Lingua 121: 1207-1244.

  • Carnie, Andrew (2011) Review of Ball & Müller (2009) The Celtic Languages. The Linguist List 22.1915:

  • Carnie, Andrew (2011) Review of Landau (2010) Experiencer Predicates. Language 87.2: 409-411

  • Warner, Natasha, Jessamyn Schertz, Andrew Carnie, Muriel Fisher, Lionel Mathieu, Colin Gorrie, Michael Hammond and Diana Archangeli (2011) Timing of Perceptual Cues in Scots Gaelic. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 130(4): 2573. poster



  • Carnie, Andrew (2008) Review of Kayne (2005) “Movement and Silence”, OUP. Language 84.2: 411-415. DOI:

  • Carnie, Andrew (2008) Review of Perelstvaig (2007) “Copular Constructions in Russian”, The Linguist List.

  • Carnie, Andrew (2008) Review of Stifter (2006) Sengoidelig: An Introduction to Old Irish, Journal of Celtic language learning 13:122-130. Download



  • Carnie, Andrew (2006) 'Flat Structure, Categorial Uncertainty and Non-Verbal Predication in Irish,' Journal of Celtic Linguistics 9. 13-31. Download

  • Carnie, Andrew (2006) “Island Constraints.” In the Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 2.  edited by Keith Brown, Elsevier, pp 48-51.  Download

  • Carnie, Andrew (2006) Review of Cinque and Kayne (2005) “The Oxford handbook of Comparative Syntax”  Journal of Linguistics 42.2. pp 444-452. DOI:

  • Carnie, Andrew (2006) Review of Mohr (2005) Clausal Architecture and Subject Positions. The Linguist List 17.2003

  • Carnie, Andrew (2006) Some Thoughts on Attracting New Dancers. Let's Dance Magazine. May/June 2006; 6-7. Download

  • Carnie, Andrew and Andrew Barss (2006) "Phases and Nominal Interpretation,' Research in Language 4: 127-132. Download.

  • Carnie, Andrew and Phil Cash Cash (2006) Tree-Geometric Hierarchies and Nuumiipuutímt (Nez Perce) Case. In Alana Johns, Diane Massam Juneval Ndayiragije (eds.) Ergativity: Emerging issues.  Springer Academic Press. pp 229-244:



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  • Carnie, Andrew (2005) Thomas G. Bever.  in The Fitzroy Dearborn Encyclopedia of Linguistics. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn. pp 134-136. Download

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  • Carnie, Andrew and David Medeiros (2005) “Tree maximization and the Extended Projection Principle”. Coyote Working Papers in Linguistics 14: 51-55. Download

  • Carnie, Andrew and Heidi Harley (2005) “Existential Impersonals” Studia Linguistica 59.1, 46-65.



  • Carnie, Andrew (2004) ‘Review of Baltin & Collins (2000) The Handbook of Contemporary Syntactic Theory’ General Linguistics 42: 182-184. Download.


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  • Jelinek, Eloise and Andrew Carnie (2003) "Argument Hierarchies and the mapping Principle. in Carnie, Harley and Willie (eds) Formal Approaches to Function. Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 265-296. Download





  • Carnie, Andrew (2000) ‘Review of Newmeyer, Frederick (1999) Language Form and Language Function. Linguist 11.57

  • Carnie, Andrew (2000) Linking Linguists. &Ampersand 5. pp. 5. Download

  • Carnie, Andrew (2000) On the definition of Xo and XP. Syntax 3.2: 59-106 

  • Carnie, Andrew and Eithne Guilfoyle (2000) “Verb Initial Order.” Carnie and Guilfoyle (eds) The Syntax of Verb Initial Languages. Oxford University Press. 3-12. Download

  • Carnie, Andrew, Heidi Harley and Elizabeth Pyatt (2000) "VSO order as Raising to out of IP." in Carnie and Guilfoyle (eds) The Syntax of Verb Initial Languages. Oxford University Press. 39-60.  Download



  • Carnie, Andrew (1999) Counting for Linguists. Glot International 4.3. 20-23. Download

  • Carnie, Andrew and Norma Mendoza Denton (2003) Functionalism is/n't Formalism: An Interactive Review of Darnell et al (1999). Journal of Linguistics: 39.2:373-390 DOI:



  • Carnie, Andrew  (1998) 'Review of Nigel Duffield (1995) Particles and Projections in Irish Syntax' Journal of Linguistics 34;244-252.

  • Carnie, Andrew (1998) “A Note on Diphthongization before Tense Sonorants in Modern Irish: An Articulatory Explanation.” Journal of Celtic Linguistics 7 129-148. Download

  • Carnie, Andrew (1998) Dissertation Summary. Glot International 3.7, 10-15* (followed by review of dissertation written by Peter Svenonious of Lund University.) Download



  • Carnie, Andrew (1997) 'Review of Aiden Doyle and Edmund Gussman (1997) Reverse Dictionary of Modern Irish.' Canadian Journal of Linguistics 42.1&2; 235-236. DOI:

  • Carnie, Andrew (1997) 'Two Types of Non-verbal Predication in Modern Irish'  The Canadian Journal of Linguistics 42.1&2; 57-73.

  • Carnie, Andrew and Heidi Harley (1997). 'Distinguishing the EPP and Nominative case' Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 4.3; 71-86. Download



  • Carnie, Andrew (1996) Review of 'Fassi Fehri, Abdelkadar (1993) Issues in the structure of Arabic Clauses and Words. SNLLT29, Kluwer, Dordrecht"  Language 72.3, 664-665.

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  • Carnie, Andrew and Jonathan Bobaljik (1996) Shifting objects and procrastinating subjects. Calgary Working Papers in Linguistics 18: 23-30. Download


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  • Carnie, Andrew and Heidi Harley (1995) Nominally Phrasal Copular Structures’ Proceedings of WECOL (94) (volume 7) pp. 30-43. Download.



  • Carnie,  Andrew  (1994) ‘On the Head Movement of Complex Nominal Predicates’ Paper presented at the Annual meeting of the Canadian Linguistic Association, University of Calgary. Proceeding of Canadian Linguistic Association meeting, Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics. Download

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  • Carnie, Andrew (1991) “Irish Clausal Constituent Structure” Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics 11.1 3-17. Download



  • Carnie, Andrew (1990) ‘Review of Ó Siadhail, M (1989) Modern Irish, Grammatical Structure and Dialectal Variation.’ Garm Lu: 10: 24-29. Download


  • Carnie, Andrew  (1989) “On the Origins of the Picts” Garm Lu 9: 5-17. Download

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