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Carnie, Andrew, ed (2011) Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.



This collection brings together the latest research into the syntax, semantics, phonology, phonetics and morphology of the Celtic languages. Based on presentations given at the Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics Conference in 2009, this book contains articles by leading Celtic linguists on Breton, Modern Irish, Old Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Welsh, on a wide variety of topics ranging from the syntax and semantics of clefts to the articulatory phonology of fortis sonorants

Hardback: ISBN13: 978-1-4438-2903-8




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Table of Contents


Preface and Acknowledgments (Andrew Carnie)

Part 1: Papers in Syntax, Morphosyntax and Semantics
  • Clefted Situations: A Note on Expletives in Scottish Gaelic Clefts  (David Adger)

  • The Interaction of Linearization and Prosody: Evidence from Pronoun Postposing in Irish (Emily Elfner)

  • The Syntax and Development of the Old Irish Autonomous Verb (Jenny Graver)

  • Old Irish Pronouns: Agreement Affixes vs. Clitic Arguments  (Aaron Griffith)

  • Some Breton Indefinites (Randall Hendrick)

  • Post-syntactic Excorporation in Realizational Morphology: Breton Analytic Tenses (Mélanie Jouitteau)

  • The Shape of Irish Clauses (James McCloskey)

  • Left Right Behind: Irish Pronoun Postposing and Information Structure (Ann E. Mulkern)

  • Some Problems with Object Enclitics in Literary Welsh and Old Irish  ( Máire Noonan)

  • Preverbal Particles and Irregular Verbs in Irish (Kenji Oda)

  • The Semantics of Scottish Gaelic Tense and Aspect (Sylvia L. Reed)

Part 2: Papers in Phonology, Morphophonology and Phonetics
  • ATR in Scottish Gaelic Tense Sonorants (Diana Archangeli, Jeff Berry, Sunjing Ji, Keisha Josephs, Nicole Hunt, Muriel Fisher and Andrew Carnie_

  • Transcription: The Phonetics/Phonology Interface (Anna Bosch)

  • Adjective Agreement in Gaelic: A Case for Morphophonological Features (Colin Gorrie)

  • Welsh Mutations and Statistical Phonotactics (Michael Hammond)

  • Unity in Diversity in Welsh: The Avoidance of Sonority Sequencing Violations (S. J. Hannahs)



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