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Carnie, Andrew (2002) Syntax: A Generative Introduction. 1st Edition. Wiley-Blackwell

*** Note that this edition is no longer in print or supported. Please buy the 4th edition***


This book provides a comprehensive and accssbile introduction to the major issues in syntactic theory, including phrase structure, the lexicon, case theory and locality conditions.

Written Primarily in the Prhinciples and Parameters Framework, the text also includes an introduction to minimalism and gives a brief survey of both Lexical-Functional Grammar and Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. It contains numerous exercises, including foreign language problem sets, designed both to cement foundational knowledge and to take teh student to the next level. The balanced presentation guides the student through complicated analyses, pointing out common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Syntax provides a thorough grounding in all areas of generative syntax and prepares teh reader for more advanced study. It is supported by an instructor's manual and online resources for students and instructors. 

ISBN-10: 0631225439 (Hardcover)
ISBN-10: 0631225447 (Paperback)

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